Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will I have to practice a lot to perform these tricks?
A:  We hand picked these tricks because they are very easy to perform.  You can literally be able to do most of the tricks in just a few minutes.  As with anything magic included the more you do something the better you get.  You shoule still practice some so that you feel comfortable with the trick and do not give the secret away.

Q:  Will I really be able to fool my friends with these tricks?
A:  Absolutley!  Just because they are easy to learn does not mean that they are easy to figure out.  You will be amazed at how amazed your friends are.

Q:  Once I learn the tricks will I be able to be a full time magician like you?
A:  Yeah right!

Q: What if I have trouble with the downloads?
A: Just shoot me an e-mail and I will solve the problem as quickly as I can.

Q: What if I don't like what you send me?
A: That is why I offer a 100% money back gaurantee. If you are not satisfied with whatyou recieve I will refund your money no questions asked.  I only ask that you delete the files and not use them if ask for a refund.